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While Barry runs out to fetch a model of the Marineville Control Tower to show to the two, Atlanta playful scolds Troy for his lie about his arm injury-he only slipped off a chair putting up Christmas decorations!

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Barry's father, a WASP Aquanaut, has been killed in the line of duty, and they feel sorry the Barry will have to spend Christmas alone. Atlanta then suggests they convince Commander Shore to allow Barry to spend Christmas in Marineville, but both adults know he would never allow it. However, Troy dictates a letter for Barry to write, which not-so-subtly implies that Commander Shore is his hero.

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  • Troy slips the letter to the Commander, who is guilted into allowing Barry to come to Marineville for Christmas. After dropping Barry off in the care of Atlanta and Lieutenant Fisher on Christmas Eve morning, Troy joins Commander Shore in the mysterious sub that they captured earlier that week. Engineers and scientists have been all over the craft, but the mystery still remains as to what happened to the crew.

    Shore and Troy decide to reenact the battle to see if the crew could have ejected out before the craft was captured. Later that evening, after Commander Shore leaves to go out drinking with some of his buddies and Barry is gone to bed, Troy and Atlanta's conversation is interrupted by Phones, who Troy mistakes as a intruder dressed up as Santa and he kicks the door into his face by mistake.


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    Next morning, the everyone goes ice skating on Christmas morning. Later that day, the staff of Marineville reenact the battle between Stingray and the enemy craft to try and determine what happened to the crew.

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    Phones pilots the enemy craft with Troy at the helm of Stingray. Let your singers move freely when they sing this bouncy tune.

    It might be neat to wear Santa hats and lots of red and green, of course. And if you have your own jingle bells or tambourines , let some kids play along with the track or live accompaniment, if you go that route. However you choose to perform it, it will put your audience in the holiday spirit and give them a Christmas to remember. Consider updating.

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