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He became friendly with his dentist and gets invited to a friendly game of poker, where Maynard works his magic, as he is behind in his rent and generally short on cash. Joyce Rogers is a very attractive, voluptuous really, woman who is considerably younger than her husband, Murray. Divorce was out of the question, as Murray is a prominent attorney who would do everything in his considerable power and wealth to prevent her from getting anything more that a nominal amount.

Maynard is taken by this woman and concocts a scheme that appears to be virtually fool proof.

"Lucky at Cards"

But wrinkles arise. To keep up appearance and for money , he takes a job recommended by Murray Rogers no less and does well at it.

A relationship develops between Maynard and the divorcee and it serves to complicate his feelings toward the scam he has in the works. He nevertheless goes through with his connivances and the results are—typical for this kind of Block story--quite unexpected.


Independent Crime: Review of A Diet of Treacle

Lucky at Cards is vintage Block, which means it is the work of a real craftsman in constructing a story that is engaging with a fascinating plot and interesting characters. The reader will wonder why this book was hidden for over 40 years. And despite this passage of time, the book remains quite real with respect to the workings of the human mind and emotions, notwithstanding the anachronistic elements of the story due to the era in which it is set, with the different value of money, cars with shift sticks, etc.

During a visit to Vegas, an opportunity comes his way and he wants the assistance of a more experienced man, like Hayden, to work the con. He is the night manager at a bowling alley and plans to put to use the hotel and restaurant management courses he took in jail and outside by buying a nearby run down motel and invigorating it with ideas he has.

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Evvie is eager to extract any revenge she can against Gunderman and is most willing to participate in the scam for a modest piece of the action. Hayden approaches Gunderman on behalf of Barnstable Corporation to offer to purchase his worthless Canadian land for pennies on the dollar. Gunderman hears that offers are also being made to others who were taken in by the same scam. This makes Gunderman suspicious that there is more going on than meets the eye and his appetite is whetted.

Rance and Hayden go to great lengths to make their operation look legitimate. They hire an attorney to create a Canadian corporation Barnstable Corporation , rent and outfit office space in Toronto, assemble a staff, print letterhead, open and fund a bank account and churn the account to signify heavy banking activity. They spared no expense, no detail, that lent credibility to their efforts.

But even well planned cons can go awry and not end up as planned. Double crosses are part and parcel of the life and wreck even a seeming flawlessly conceived and implemented scam. However, one has to read this story to discover how the well-laid plans and devices of Rance and Hayden work out. Among other things, the reader will see what happens when con men keep material information from each other. Green Heart is a virtual primer on cons by Block.

He demonstrates how scammers operate, the details they attend to, the lingo they employ.

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He brings out the mechanics of conning, both the practical and psychological ploys that are used to pull a con off. As stated above, Hard Case Crime is in its second year of bringing back both old and new hard-boiled pulp crime fiction. One cannot but be impressed by the amazing array of authors it is publishing.

This series of books provide a valuable service by keeping this genre alive and readily available for those who miss it and for those who missed out on its earlier run. The paperback series, with truly pocket size books, is also distinguished by its emphasis on vintage book cover art, reminiscent of the classic crime fiction covers of the past.

This series will delight those enamored with that distinctive style of writing, those who have yet to discover it, and those who just plain enjoy a good read.

Treacle - starting to stay and wait for her food.

And if the first four books of the series are representative, this is a series not to be ignored. Joe Marlin is the grifter whose game is to go from town to town, seeking women with money and a willingness to part with it to a handsome gigolo. Marlin would then take off to repeat the pattern elsewhere.

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This item is available to borrow from 1 library branch. Creator Block, Lawrence. Summary Anita Carbone was a good girl-and it bored her. That's why she took the long subway ride down to Greenwich Village, home of the Beats and the stoners, home to every kind of misfit and dropout and free spirit you could imagine. It was where she met Joe Milani, the troubled young war veteran with the gentle touch.

But it was also where she met his drug-dealing roommate-a man whose unnatural appetites led to murder.. Extent 4 compact discs 4 hrs. Note Unabridged. Isbn Library Locations Map Details. Central Library Borrow it.