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Am J Obstet Gynecol. Here are a few information resources that may help you meet this challenge. Please feel free to suggest more. The following information resources provide educational information on assessing labor progress, as well as the latest research on labor curves:. The following is a compilation of information resources providing practical, actionable strategies for fine-tuning your patient safety initiatives:.

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The incidence of shoulder dystocia varies based on fetal weight, maternal weight, and the presence of diabetes. Complications associated with shoulder dystocia include postpartum hemorrhage, maternal lacerations, and brachial plexus palsies. The electronic fetal monitoring EFM resources below have been compiled from a review of materials readily available on the Internet. Although PeriGen is not responsible for the creation of this content — or for its continued availability and quality — they provide a comprehensive curriculum for clinicians seeking to gain a basic understanding of EFM.

Electronic fetal monitoring or EFM is the practice of measuring and displaying fetal heart rate and contraction rate during labor. Traditionally, the output of EFM takes the form of tracings — a visual display of the fetal heart rate on top and the contraction rate on the bottom.

Like much technology, electronic fetal monitoring has progressed rapidly. This technology adds statistical analysis to the traditional EFM display to highlight abnormal patterns, yield meaningful summary information, and display the meaningful interaction between contractions and fetal heart rate via color-coded visual cues. Figure 2. Once video completed, a web link is provided for completion of a mandatory course evaluation.

Once evaluation is finished, an online certificate of completion is provided for printing and retention. Workflow is defined as a set of tasks and resources need to accomplish to meet a goal. Defining and conforming to a set of processes enables a team to consistently achieve organizational objectives.

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  • Basics of Electronic Fetal Monitoring. Fetal Heart Rate Physiology. Best Practices. What is a best practice? How are best practices defined in health care? Early Warning Systems. Moms in Danger NPR. Category II Management.

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    Only clicks get you the suggested outcome and the app takes seconds to use. Teamwork Toolkit. Simul Healthc.

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    What influences sustainment and nonsustainment of facilitation activities in implementation? Med Care Res Rev. Teams of psychologists helping teams: the evolution of the science of team training. A multidisciplinary model for reviewing severe maternal morbidity cases and teaching residents patient safety principles.

    In-situ interprofessional perinatal drills: the impact of a structured debrief on maximizing training while sensing patient safety threats. An IDEA: safety training to improve critical thinking by individuals and teams. Am J Med Qual.

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    Effect of a cluster randomised team training intervention on adverse perinatal and maternal outcomes: a stepped wedge study. Simulation-based clinical rehearsals as a method for improving patient safety. Measuring the teamwork performance of teams in crisis situations: a systematic review of assessment tools and their measurement properties. BMJ Qual Saf.

    Impact of teamwork improvement training on communication and teamwork climate in ambulatory reproductive health care. J Healthc Risk Manag.

    Achieving Strong Teamwork Practices in Hospital Labor and Delivery Units

    TeamSTEPPS: an evidence-based approach to reduce clinical errors threatening safety in outpatient settings: an integrative review. Guideline implementation: team communication. Teamwork and Teamwork Training in Healthcare.

    Group Org Manage. The complexity, diversity, and science of primary care teams. The Science of Teamwork. Addressing dual patient and staff safety through a team-based standardized patient simulation for agitation management in the emergency department.