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The vast majority of these efforts are forgettable and totally unpersuasive. Occasionally, however, one of these communications breaks through the noise, catches your imagination, and speaks to you personally. What is happening? In every interview, interviewers listen to candidates answering questions to try to persuade them that they are the best candidate for the job. You can avoid boring if you have a good delivery. Good delivery consists of three factors:. Any success story you tell has to be honest and real. These are stories about you at your best, about achievements you are proud of, so being enthusiastic should be easy.

A great deal of your story is communicated nonverbally, so show some emotion in your gestures, voice, and facial expressions. Smile, move your hands, change the pitch of your voice, and maintain eye contact. A great success story told with a deadpan expression and in a monotone is boring. Learn to tell good stories and your interviewers will be more engaged and more persuaded that you are the candidate of choice.

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This book has the strategies you need to win interviews. Our brains have evolved the ability to recall past experiences and learn from them, to come up with strategies for managing things in the present, and to imagine future possibilities and outcomes. Although every individual uses all three time perspectives, individuals differ in the degree to which they use each of the three thinking perspectives to make decisions.

For example, one interviewer will delve deeply into prior positions and your success stories which provide proof you can do the required work- they have a past perspective. Another interviewer may be uninterested in reviewing your work history but is very focused on asking questions and discussing how you would solve certain problems- they have a present perspective.

Another interviewer will speak about future plans and want to explore how your skills and experience may contribute to future success- they have a future perspective. Throughout your interview it is important to address each time perspective- past, present, and future. Use an interview presentation to cover the past, present and future. Many people are very proud of all the tasks they perform ed at work.

All this is important and contributes to a persons work-esteem, however in an interview and in a resume focus on what is of value to the company that is considering hiring you. Candidates try to load too many things into an interview and they lose focus. Candidates also tend to get too detailed thinking that the larger the volume of things they talk about the more persuasive they are.

Too many details and too many tasks tend to confuse the interviewer and once confused they get turned off. As I often state, the interview is a sales call. All good sales calls are targeted towards solving the buyers problem. Determine the problem and focus on it like a laser. What specifically are you being hired to do.

Look below the surface. A person being hired to do collections for a company is not just collecting money they are solving the problem of reducing accounts receivable and improving profits. Even a question related to getting along with co-workers or a supervisor should be answered in the context of how does the answer relate to reducing accounts receivable and improving profits.

By focusing on being the solution to a problem, your answers will be more targeted and less rambling. As each question is asked, think to yourself how does this relate to solving the ultimate problem.

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Then leave out anything that does not contribute to the solution. Also, if you are not asked a question that elicits a task or skill you have that contributes to solveing the problem, be sure to bring that out yourself. To prepare for your interview first define the problem the job solves and then list all the things you can do that contributes to solving that problem. Bring the list with you to the interview and make sure you cover each thing on the list. People only buy what they need and only hire you for the things you can do to solve the problem.

Focus in on the problem, keep it simple and be persuasive. Subscribe in a reader. Create a free website or blog at WordPress. PAGCG, with members, provides a wide range of job transition services including monthly and weekly meetings as well as an online job transition portal. He is trained in Positive Psychology Coaching and is licensed as a psychologist in the state of Pennsylvania.

Based on the research and books of:.

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Eric Kramer. The Class of is facing a difficult year to find a job. Now you can give them additional exposure to information they need to get their first interview, job and transition from campus to the corporate world! Students will receive a certificate of participation to show employers. T o secure your department's participation in this unique Webinar series, register today! Listen to what others say! Wonderful opportunity! Enjoyed the awesome presenters last year and am looking forward to another great year.

Thank you. Thank you! Last year, I used the seminars extensively for hall presentations and in my job search classes--they were a terrific addition! I look forward to this year's presentations. Your series was excellent last spring and I look forward to this fall's presentations. Now I just need to get the students to take advantage. Thanks so much! We tested the webinars last spring and felt they were valuable and will invite students into our office suite this fall for the programs.


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I'm excited that this series is being offered! Thoroughly enjoyed last year's sessions!

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Happy to see that you are doing this again. It looks like a great line-up! This is such a great series! Your questions can bolster the reputation you built in earlier phases of the interview. Prepare to ask good questions by studying up on the industry, the company and the specific position you are applying for. You can then ask what opportunities for development are available, showing the interviewer simultaneously that you have studied up on the company and that you are interested in building on your existing skills.

Active interviewing offers a comprehensive and innovative approach to the interview process. It teaches candidates to take charge of their own interview and sell themselves by telling memorable stories and asking perceptive, focused questions. In a sea of books offering advice for interviewers, this book is offers something refreshingly new.

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Skip to primary navigation Skip to content Skip to primary sidebar. Interview Questions. Sell Yourself With Stories It is virtually impossible to prepare for every question an interviewer might throw at you. Widen Your Lens If you have difficulty coming up with stories that highlight your assets, it might be time to widen your lens.

How to Sell Yourself in an Interview to Hiring Managers and Potential Bosses

Active Interviewing Includes Active Questioning At the end of the interview you will likely be given the opportunity to ask your own questions. What Salary Are You Seeking?

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