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As a result, the dollar's value plummeted on the foreign exchange markets. Import prices rose and created inflation.

Franklin D. Roosevelt

Nixon tried to stop it with wage-price controls in That cramped business growth and increased unemployment. The Federal Reserve fought the resultant slow growth by lowering interest rates. The economy improved, creating millions of jobs. But inflation threatened to destroy all the prosperity. In , Carter appointed Paul Volcker as the Fed chair.

He raised interest rates and ended double-digit inflation. Until the Fed got the economy under control, it suffered from the combination of high unemployment and high inflation. It led to the creation of the misery index. In response, Carter instituted sorely-needed energy conservation measures. To end the energy crisis, the Carter administration created automobile mileage standards.

It deregulated the airline, trucking, and railroad industries. To prevent future energy crises, Carter created a Department of Energy. Its goal is to regulate the industry and fund research on alternative fuels. It protected more than million acres of land. He also expanded the national park system.

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The administration established a "Superfund" to clean up toxic waste sites and regulated strip mining. They ignore that an educated labor force creates a more productive economy. He increased payroll taxes to keep Social Security from going bankrupt. Working with Congress, Carter raised the minimum wage to increase payroll taxes. Carter also had some major success in foreign policy. In , he negotiated the Camp David Accords. It led to a lasting peace treaty between Israel and Egypt. Also in , Carter established full diplomatic relations with China.

Macey Meets President Obama

That allowed the United States to import consumer goods, lowering inflation but creating a trade deficit. On November 4, , Iranian students took 66 American diplomats hostage at the U. Embassy in Tehran. Students were also supporting the Islamic rule of their country under Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini. He also froze all Iranian assets that were under the jurisdiction of the United States.

In April , he sent an elite military team to rescue the hostages. A sandstorm botched the operation and killed eight servicemen. Although Carter's administration negotiated a release in December , it was too late to save Carter's presidency. Jimmy Carter used his status as an ex-president to assist in peace-keeping missions.

President George W. Bush Economic Policies

The Carters have volunteered for Habitat for Humanity for 35 years. The organization has helped 13 million people find housing. Carter established the Carter Center at Emory University. It furthers peace, human rights, and democracy. The correlation between them is equal to 0. However, assuming any kind of relationship will need more comprehensive way of measuring charisma, but for now we can conclude there is no correlation between the two. Now in following figure after adding the correlation lines for each half a century, we can see some interesting results; Presidents beginning from 's have close by scores opposed to preceding presidents, where their scores are more scattered.

Looking at the lines from ,,, we can see a positive correlation between Charisma and Ranking, so presidents from that time were more likely to walk their talk. Moving on to 21 century, we can see that there is no correlation between charisma and ranking, it is almost a straight line. Charismatic leaders are associated with knowing what is best, outperforming in certain aspects, saviors of the day in a sense, but really all that charisma does is enable you to influence people and get your message across, regardless of how effective or sane that message is.

Presidential approval: It's the economy; except when it's not

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