Guide Code-First Development with Entity Framework

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Entity Framework 4.1: Code First

Initially, fluent mapping was intended to be used in the Code-First Code Only approach. DbContext can be used both with fluent mapping and XML-mapping. Here we will not delve into details about the new API. NET team blog.

What is Code-First?

In the Entity Developer template, you can define the following options of DbContext configuration :. The default value is false, which means that XML mapping is used.

Alternatively, if FluentMapping is set to True, fluent mapping is generated. This process generates column facets, the primary key for tables, foreign keys, complex types, taking into account inheritance of all three types TPH, TPT, and TPC and simple entity splitting.

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Below is a brief example of generated mapping for a simple model consisting of three classes with Table Per Hierarchy TPH :. One of the most useful conventions that gets disabled more often than not is IncludeMetadataConvention. The full list of code-first configuration conventions and their descriptions are published on MSDN.

CRUD operation with Entity Framework 6 Code First approach in MVC 5

Then, depending on the server, we changed the connection string that specified different resources. Following that, we remove the standard code generation template and enable the DbContext template. The DatabaseIndependent property determines whether the database-specific data type is set when fluent mapping is generated.

If DatabaseIndependent is set by default to False , the following code is generated:. In the latter case, the EF-provider is responsible for the selection of a particular database-specific data type. The provider can be defined in several ways. When using the Code-First development approach, you should remember that fluent mapping in Entity Framework 4. Thus, within fluent mapping, you can no longer use:.

Tutorial: Get Started with Entity Framework 6 Code First using MVC 5

They're just the items of your business domain. Entity Framework, then, has a context that manages the interaction between those classes and your database.

MVC EF Code First

Code First adds a model builder that inspects your classes that the context is managing, and then uses a set of rules or conventions to determine how those classes and the relationships describe a model, and how that model should map to your database. It can also update the database if the model changes, using a feature called Code First Migrations.

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To start working with EF Code First approach you need the following tools to be installed on your system. This will search for all the packages related to Entity Framework. After installation, EntityFramework. Previous Page.