Manual Concurrent Programming in ML

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Lire la suite. Retirer en librairie. Concurrent Programming in ML presents the language Concurrent ML CML , which supports the union of two important programming models: concurrent programming and functional programming. CML supports the programming of process communication and synchronization using a unique higher-order concurrent programming mechanism which allows programmers to define their own communication and synchronization abstractions.

The main focus of the book is on the practical use of concurrency to implement naturally concurrent applications. In addition to a tutorial introduction to programming in CML, this book presents three extended examples of using CML for systems programming: a parallel software build system, a simple concurrent window manager, and an implementation of distributed tuple spaces. This book is aimed at programmers and professional developers who want to use CML, as well as students, faculty, and other researchers. Version 1. Appel, James S.

Concurrent Programming in ML

Mattson, and David R. Tree Pattern Matching for ML. Marianne Baudinet, David MacQueen. ICFP Nick Benton and Andrew Kennedy. Exceptional Syntax. NET Experience. PPDP Shrinking Reductions in SML. IFL There are also benchmarks showing that SML. Embedded Interpreters. Nick Benton.

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Dave Berry. A semantics for ML concurrency primitives. POPL Peter Bertelsen. OO Programming styles in ML. Bernard Berthomieu. LAAS Report , Matthias Blume.

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BABEL Portable library descriptions for Standard ML. Destructors, Finalizers, and Synchronization. Hans Boehm. Discusses a number of issues in the design of finalizers.

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Many of the design choices are consistent with MLtonFinalizable. Flow-directed Closure Conversion for Typed Languages. ESOP Perry Cheng and Guy E. Koen Claessen and John Hughes. Proper Tail Recursion and Space Efficiency. William D. Adding Threads to Standard ML. Eric C. Cooper and J. Gregory Morrisett. Submitted for publication.

April Principal Type-Schemes for Functional Programs. Luis Damas and Robin Milner. Functional Unparsing. Olivier Danvy. Exhancements to eXene.

Channels, Concurrency, and Cores: A new Concurrent ML implementation (Curry On 2017)

Dustin B. Master of Science Thesis, Describes ways to improve widget concurrency, handling of input focus, X resources and selections. Damien Doligez and Xavier Leroy. Modular Type Classes. Chakravarty, Gabriele Keller. Principal Type Schemes for Modular Programs. Derek Dreyer and Matthias Blume. Extensional Polymorphism. An extension of ML that allows the definition of ad-hoc polymorphic functions by inspecting the type of their argument. Martin Elsman.

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TLDI Type-Specialized Serialization with Sharing. University of Copenhagen. The Little MLer addall. ISBN X. Matthias Felleisen and Dan Freidman. The MIT Press, Kill-Safe Synchronization Abstractions.

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