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The primacy effect states that users tend to recall first items with greater accuracy due to the small amount of processing effort spent rehearsing the item. Very similar to anchoring bias , the primacy effect presupposes that the first pieces of information are more important than the following ones. Moreover, the theory behind the recency effect is that individuals are inclined to remember the items at the end of a sequence due to their preservation in the short-term memory.

The serial position effect makes it clear you can control user behaviour by placing items or information in a particular order. Now, let us take a look at some steps towards creating a better design to increase sales. One of the ways to leverage the serial position effect is to put the most expensive item of your paid membership plan first — to attract customer attention.

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However, mind your target audience. Do not set too high a price for the first item — it will not work for experienced shoppers and people with higher cognitive ability. Instead, keep the prices realistic, within the bounds of your usual offerings. No matter the website type, remember to put the most important links at the beginning and the end of your navigation menu.

This will help you get many clicks on the information you want to emphasise. Another way to get the most out of the primacy effect is to put significant benefits in the very beginning. Whether your crucial deal clincher is free delivery or a free trial, shout it out to your clients. Make these offers the most memorable things as users continue navigating the website. When it comes to designing a landing page, order the content based on the serial position concept.

That means devoting the first section of your page to the key idea — usually a business benefit — and ending with a call to action CTA. To make your potential clients positively remember the unusual items, you can draw attention to light, colour, size, circumstances, image, animation, words, or sound. Whether you offer products or services, your aim is to make an individual perform a particular action while visiting your website.

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To maximise the chance of success, make that button more visible by:. With the Von Restorff effect in place, you can draw user attention to particular items: the most expensive, best-selling, or new ones. Coined by psychologist Barry Schwartz, the choice paradox states that too many options usually lead to indecision and, as a result, to lower sales.

This is another persuasion tactic web designers cannot ignore.

Here is how you can do that. Person with legal responsibility Mr Luca Bertoletti.

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Member organisations www. Full specified budget View the full specified budget for this organisation on the Transparency Register website. There are no notes attached to this organisation. High-level groups. Consultative committees.

Expert groups European Commission none. Intergroups European Parliament None. We saw lots of engagement, especially on our digital channels.

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The second idea, she says, was to band together with other B Corps that market dairy products at the grocery store for the in-store Vote Every Day promotion. From idea inception to execution, the process took about seven months, timed for June to align with dairy promotion month at the Big Y, the grocer where it occurred.

Big Y played an instrumental role in bringing the promotion to life at its 70 stores, Schwab says. By using a time-tested promotional method — in-store display — the B Corps were able to catch the eye of modern-minded customers. Clay Whitney, specialty markets manager for Cabot Creamery, says the decision to participate in the collaboration was easy. For Schwab, the promotion was another reminder of the inherent connections, resources and power in the B Corp community. Schwab encourages other B Corps to pursue collaborations that connect with consumers and create business benefits.

B the Change gathers and shares the voices from within the movement of people using business as a force for good and the community of Certified B Corporations.