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smtp.mail.ruk-com.in.th/conocer-chicos-militares.php The internal substructure method for seismic wave input in 3D dynamic soil-structure interaction analysis December Numerical modeling of liquefaction and its impact on anchor piles for floating offshore structures December Seismic performance of underground subway station structure considering connection modes and diaphragm wall December Implementation of a large deformation finite element modelling technique for seismic slope stability analyses December Reproducing response spectra in shaking table tests of nonstructural components December Numerical study on site response considering ground motion spatial variation December Analytical solutions for seismic responses of the tunnel in a shaft-tunnel junction under transverse excitations December Shaking table test study on seismic behavior of underground structure with intermediate columns enhanced by concrete-filled steel tube CFT December Practical assessment of the seismic behavior of a confined masonry system December Reduction of peak ground velocity by nonlinear soil response — I: Excitation by SH pulse December Precision of VS30 values derived from noninvasive surface wave methods at 31 sites in California December A constitutive model for clays and plastic silts in plane-strain earthquake engineering applications December Effects of ground motion directionality on seismic behavior of skewed bridges considering SSI December Experimental and numerical study on isolated simply-supported bridges subjected to a fault rupture December Stochastic finite-fault method controlled by the fault rupture process and its application to the Ms 7.

Response of pile groups with X and circular cross-sections subject to lateral spreading: 3D numerical simulations November Seismic attenuation model using artificial neural networks November An advanced algorithm to study the effect of uncertainties on the stochastic performance of high-pier bridge under earthquake November Combination of water head control and axis translation techniques in new unsaturated cyclic simple shear tests November New vertical-to-horizontal ratio spectrum due to intraslab earthquakes for soft-soil sites of Mexico City November Estimating direct and indirect losses due to earthquake damage in residential RC buildings November Numerical investigation of the deformation properties of rock materials subjected to cyclic compression by the finite element method November Seismic behavior of circular tunnels: Influence of the initial stress state November On the jerk spectra of some inelastic systems subjected to seismic motions November Near-field velocity pulse-like ground motions on February 6, MW6.

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Static shakedown theorem accounting for elastic stiffness degradation during plastic yielding November Analysis of buried steel pipelines at watercourse crossings under liquefaction-induced lateral spreading November Unified correlation between SPT—N and shear wave velocity for a wide range of soil types considering strain-dependent behavior November Ground subsidence and its implication on building seismic performance November Stress-based velocity correction for evaluating the shear-wave velocity of the earth core of a rockfill dam November A new method for the evaluation of the ultimate seismic capacity of rectangular underground structures November Estimation of site response during the Chauk, Myanmar earthquake based on microtremor-derived S-wave velocity structures November Highway Construction.

I widening project in Georgia. September 03, Related Product.

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Concrete Fiber Reinforcement. Concrete Additive.

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September 16, Read More. Web Exclusive Before a pilot can operate a drone in the field, they need to make sure their operations will be safe.

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