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Before , the City and County of Denver www. The most popular services—like paying a parking ticket, registering to vote, or reaching the police department—required layers of search and clicks from the old homepage.

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The same inefficiencies applied with the back-end experience for the agency—and the processes required to keep the site up-to-date on a regular basis. That way they could fit the content to the page better and create visual, engaging content. And being web authors is usually not their primary job more like their second or third job. So, the freedom we gave them ended up being way too complex and difficult to manage.

The City of Denver team found they were spending too much time troubleshooting new bugs that would be created, while customizing elements that needed to be upgraded.

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It became clear that they needed to modernize the site, refresh the content experience in the front-end, and upgrade the content management system in the back-end to make it easier for everyone across the 50 agencies to work together and maintain the site. The team analyzed the content—page by page—and completed a SWOT analysis.

Every page got a restructure. After the analysis, the team came together and consolidated 12, pages—into 4, pages. They found that service-oriented content like adopting a pet was always the top reason people would visit the site.

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So, they prioritized listing 12 of the top services for residents above the fold on the homepage. This eventually resulted in a complete website overhaul.

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Along the way, they decreased the number of authors from to And Adobe Experience Manager AEM helped streamline the entire project from planning, design, content, to technical bugs. AEM really is saving our life.


Skylark Three Edward Elmer Smith. Pariah Planet Murray Leinster.

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Out Around Rigel Robert H. Control Group Roger Dee. The distance that light travels in a vacuum in one year, equal to about 9.

http://system-amz-es-supprt-csmail.dns04.com/21656-1991-chevy.php Light-years are used in measuring interstellar and intergalactic distances. Compare astronomical unit parsec. All rights reserved.

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