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Custom Solutions for Digital Forensics

Is the Open Way a Better Way? Digital forensics is in its infancy and teaching digital forensics includes the techniques as well as the tools that assist in the process. This article discusses the tools used in computer forensics, compares an open source tool to two commercial tools, and the advantages and disadvantages of all three tools in an academic environment. A team of four senior students sponsored by two faculty members established the project scope and requirements, presented three prototypes, and detailed the considerations of using open source tools. Government agencies require reliable identity resolution to fight terrorism and protect citizens.

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At the border, security officers need accurate identity matches to fairly enforce immigration policies. Domestically, social service agencies with disparate databases must reconcile client identity, to both ensure benefits go to eligible people, and to eliminate fraud.

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As part of our custom development work, we have implemented frameworks consisting of reusable building blocks that we compose to create extensible end-to-end systems. These frameworks have been released as open source software, as an evolution of The Sleuth Kit Framework and Autopsy 3 platforms, in an effort to build critical mass to benefit the industry around open frameworks for digital forensics and to eliminate stove pipe solutions.

We have built many modules with advanced features, including text analytics from our Rosette platform, correlation among multiple drives, and video triage. See our Module Development page for more details on custom modules for these frameworks. Basis Technology has been the defacto leader in multilingual text analytics for the intelligence and border security communities for over twenty years.

Opensource tools and evidential risks managed

We have experience both working directly with government agencies and with systems integrators to deliver within you current solution. Our names analytics functionality is currently in production within multiple government agencies.

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Is open source digital forensics software extensible enough and well-suited to support work in the archival domain? Results Mark A.


Computer Forensics & Investigation : Using Open Source Tools

File System Forensic Analysis. Boston and London: Addison Wesley. Washington: Council on Library and Information Resources.