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Click to have a closer look. Select version. About this book Contents Biography Related titles. Images Additional images. About this book The contributions contained in Heritage Wood highlight novel solutions for the treatment and assessment of wood in its many forms, ranging from historical paintings, to ceiling decorations, from Syrian rooms to ancient Egyptian coffins.

Painted Wood: History and Conservation

Contents - Protection of painted wood on selected wooden churches of the Malopolska Region in Poland - Research on the effectiveness of materials and methods used for strengthening historical wood - Portrait of Ladislaus II Jagiello, King of Poland - Environmental Impact on the Condition of Panel Painting. Proceedings Out of Print. Current promotions. Adhesive Compendium for Conservation. More Info.

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Integrated Pest Management in Cultural Heritage. Fluid Preservation.

Practical Digital Preservation. In collaboration with curator Donna Pierce, I designed a treatment plan that will restore the structural stability of the sculpture so that it can be handled, studied, and displayed safely. We also decided to pursue aesthetic compensation so that it can be effectively understood as a devotional object.

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Cleaning a painted surface is not always as straightforward as it may seem. Working from the top down, there is often a grime layer, a clear coat or varnish layer frequently discolored over time , and then the paint itself.

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In the case of King Caspar, there are also layers of gilding. Prior to choosing a cleaning system, I did a lot of testing to understand the sensitivity of the painted surface. In the end I chose to use a combination of cleaning systems to achieve a desirable result. The treatment was successful, and the grime significantly reduced.

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Edited by Valerie Dorge, and F. The function of the painted wooden object ranges from the practical to the profound.

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These objects may perform utilitarian tasks, convey artistic whimsy, connote noble aspirations, and embody the highest spiritual expressions. The book includes 40 articles that explore the history and conservation of a wide range of painted wooden objects, from polychrome sculpture and altarpieces to carousel horses, tobacconist figures, Native American totems, Victorian garden furniture, French cabinets, architectural elements, and horse-drawn carriages.

Contributors include Ian C.

http://core1.lga02.nsone.net/encuentro-inesperado-padre-soltero-busca-niera.php A broad range of professionals—including art historians, curators, scientists, and conservators— will be interested in this volume and in the multidisciplinary nature of its articles.