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It decides on whether to inject the energy produced in the grid or redirect it to the storing device. Cluster Controller: This device monitors and controls the inverters; 5.

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DC Electrical Cabinet; 6. AC Electrical Cabinet; 7.

Simulations results will be presented in order to study the accuracy of the sizing method, and also the models that have been developed, by recovering the needed electricity and heat in the test-bed. Bakhouya presenting his project to the PEER team. Regarding, Platform for Development of the AMI Advanced Monitoring Infrastructure and the relevant Context-aware and Monitoring platform, we continued on developing a fuzzy logic-based control approach for HVAC control has been developed; investigated a hybrid Heating and air-conditioning system, and an Occupancy Prediction Approach using Machine Learning Techniques.

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In contrast to the Solar PVs already installed in the Lab, and which are for experimental purposes, the parking lot will serve mainly for scaling up testings and electricity production as well. Skip to Main Content. About Us. For Applicants. Project 2 - Substation of the future Substation of the Future Know the project.

Project 6 - SusCity Urban data driven models for creative and resourceful urban transitions Know the project. Know the project. PROJECT 15 — ARCWIND ARCWIND Adaptation and implementation of floating wind energy conversion technology for the Atlantic region aims to contribute to the transaction from fixed to floating wind platform systems for use in deep water and more exposed sites in the Atlantic Area by: the assessment of wind energy potential with a regional atmospheric model and remote sensed data; the study of different types of floating high power wind turbines numerically and experimentally; case studies of farms will be considered for cost assessment, logistics and maintenance planning as well as risk assessment.

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  5. Project 5 3 power up you are an operations manager.

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