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Sonata in A major. Sonata in A major Podbielski. Sonata in C major Bach.

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Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750) - Sonata No.2 in D-Major for Viola da Gamba Organ, BWV 1028

Sonate Concertate. Sonate in D minor. Sonate L'Inconnue. Sonatina for 2 bass viols.

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Stricturae, Volume 1 no. Stricturae, Volume 2 no. Stricturae, Volume 3 no. Suite in A major Op. Suite in Bb major: Sinfonie and 4 dances. Suite in C major Op.

Suite in D major 2 treble viols. The initial Adagio sets out a slow, tranquil introduction, in which the viol unfolds a flexible, ornate arabesque in canon with the right hand of the harpsichord, while the left hand marks the passage of time with a regular clock-like ticking in a triple-time sarabande measure. The ensuing Allegro is a pure trio, in two sections with repeats. The three instrumental voices exchange the fragments of an animated, voluble discourse that abounds in imitations and ornaments.

In the amplification of the second section, the right hand of the harpsichord plays three-note chords that enrich the sonic texture. Then comes total contrast in the shape of the third movement, an Andante in siciliana metre cast in the relative minor, B minor. In view of the temperaments chosen, period treatises considered this key as appropriate for expressing the affects of melancholy, lamentation, indeed pathos or even morbidity.

Astonishingly in such a context, this admirable movement is an intense, distress-laden meditation that one might imagine has been transposed from an aria in a Passion. The left hand of the harpsichord provides a continuo line, while the right hand sets up a dialogue with the viola da gamba that suggests an alto voice singing the poignant melody of a lament over the sufferings and death of Christ. The better to make us forget at once what has just occurred, the final movement, Allegro, plunges with total abandon into a frantic whirlwind propelled by a breathtaking continuous semiquaver movement.

Brilliant, virtuosic, it is a firework display of fantasy and imagination harnessed by the most rigorous compositional style.


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Comprising just three movements instead of four, it is highly reminiscent of the structure of a concerto in the Italian style such as Bach was writing. Scholars have even wondered, not unreasonably, if this sonata is not an adaptation of a lost concerto for two flutes. It is well known that the key of G minor, especially in Bach, has powerful connotations of tragedy and drama.

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Without going quite that far, it is clear that, right from the start of the opening Vivace, the work is dominated by a sombre mood and a fierce energy that nonetheless do not exclude a few brighter moments at the heart of a mosaic of small cells. The concertante structure is skilfully concealed beneath a profuse, imaginative, constantly revived discourse.

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The central Adagio in B flat major forms a vivid contrast with what has gone before. Here time seems to stand still. In this binary movement with repeats, it is the viol that takes the leading role with its magnificent long cantabile phrases, in a moving discourse that, despite the major key, is imbued with profound melancholy.