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Developments of the theory of spin fluctuations and spin fluctuation-induced superconductivity

This controversy sterns from the apparent dual character of the d-electrons responsible for magnetism in transition metals, i. The most familiar example of these properties is the Curie-Weiss law of magnetic susceptibility obeyed by almost all ferromagnets above their Curie temperatures. This question was settled in the s and early s by various experimental investigations, in particular by observations of d-electron Fermi surfaces in ferromagnetic transition metals.

These observations are generally consistent with the results of band calculations. Theoretical investigations since then have concentrated on explaining this dual character of d-electron systems, taking account of the effects of electron-electron correlations in the itinerant electron model. More Science. Disorder in two dimensions Afterword Title Details Binding: Paperback ISBN: Published: February Format: pp pages; x mm Cambrige University Press Itinerant Electron Magnetism: Fluctuation Effects Dieter Wagner Wolfgang Brauneck Alexander Solontsov A summary of recent developments in theoretical and experimental studies of fluctuation effects in itinerant electron magnets, focusing on novel physical phenomena: soft-mode spin fluctuations and zero-point effects, strong spin anharmonicity, magnetic frustrations in metals, fluctuation effects in Invar alloys and low-dimensional systems.

All of these may be important for novel high-technology applications. Contents and Contributors Preface. Shiga, H.

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Magnetoelasticity and Isotope Effect in Ferromagnets; V. Zvezdin, et al. Svechkarev, et al. Grechnev, et al. Pirogov, et al. Baranov, et al. Prudnikov, et al. Uchida, Y. Arzhnikov, L. Ivanov, et al.

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  5. Subject Index. Not intended as an exhaustive survey, it covers subjects which have turned out to have had a significant and lasting impact on our understanding of the quantum Hall effect. The first part systematically explores the problem of localization in strong magnetic fields, while the second part briefly describes promising fields of theoretical research. The various chapters present partial solutions, in order of increasing complexity, tothe fundamental localization problem 'How does a system manage to behave as a perfect conductor and as a perfect insulator?

    Experimental and theoretical physicists, graduate students as well as experts in transport theory will discover new aspects and interesting perspectives on magnetotransport.

    Basic Facts 3. Quantum Hall Effect for Pedestrians 4.

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    Linear Response 5. Phenomenology of Global Conductivities 6. Averaging Green Functions 8. Localization in the Lowest Landau Level 9.

    11.01 Nuclear Spin in a Magnetic Field

    General Aspects of Critical Phenomena Finite Size Scaling The Localization Length Exponent Though not fully macroscopic, such mesoscopic systems contain a huge number of particles, and the holistic nature of quantum mechanics becomes evident already in simple electronic measurements.