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Author: Jennifer L. Add to Cart. This work provides a brief introduction to feminist interpretation of scripture. Feminist interpretation is first grounded in feminism as an intellectual and political movement. Next, this introduction briefly recounts the origins of feminist readings of the Bible with attention to both early readings and the beginnings of feminist biblical scholarship in the academy.

Feminist biblical scholarship is not a single methodology, but rather an approach that can shape any reading method. Since these first forays, feminist interpretation has influenced almost every type of biblical scholarship. The third section of this essay, then, looks at gender archaeology, feminist poststructuralism and postcolonial readings, and newer approaches informed by gender and queer theory.

Finally, it ends by examining feminist readings of Eve. Author: David W.

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In The Sense of Quoting , Odell-Scott argues that the neutral continuous script of ancient manuscripts of the Greek New Testament composed with no punctuation and no spacing provided readers discretionary authority to determine and assess the status of phrases as they articulate a cohesive and coherent reading of the script. The variety of reading renditions each differently scored with punctuation supported the production of quotations. These cultivated and harvested quotes while useful for authorizing sectarian discourse, rarely convey the sense of the phrase in the continuous script.

Interpreted from the perspective of postcolonial criticism, these theologies could be retrospectively categorized as postcolonial theology.

Regional theologies are also influenced by other intellectual trends, such as liberation theology or feminist theology. In Africa, theology is often articulated in one of two aspects: inculturation and liberation. This would later influence South African theology, especially during and after Apartheid.


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Asian theology could be understood to be inherently postcolonial, [18] as it has moved towards a "discontinuity with Western theology and denounced the usefulness of a theology that allied itself with colonial powers and their dominance. However, since Asian churches have historically been considered under colonial authorities, theologians have had to wrestle with the tension or even conflict between religious and national identity. In addition, its focal points include indigenization , liberation from poverty, as well as practical commitment in engaging with the praxis of reality.

The Latin American church has been famous for their liberation theology, which influenced numerous theological trends worldwide.

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It is arguably the earliest postcolonial resistance to western dominance. In comparison, it seems more politically minded, and less concerned in formulating an inculturated theology. Inspired in the s within the Roman Catholic Church , it critiques the colonial situation in three ways, addressing how oppression was structurally enforced by the authorities, complicit by the church, and internalized by the oppressed themselves.

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