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Indeed, Keating suggests that the wheels partly came off his government when subsequent treasurers were unable to sell key economic policy ideas. Keating argues that his achievement lay in not just implementing economic changes, but in being able to sell them.


True Believers the Story of the Federal Parliamentary Labor Party by Stuart Macintyre John Faulkner

Keating appears to have no doubts that his economic agenda was the correct one and set Australia up for a prosperous future. For example, faced with a question regarding the cost of internationalisation policies to those workers in areas such as manufacturing, clothing and footwear who lost their jobs through tariff cuts and other measures, Keating has no hesitation in asserting that they found new jobs in the services sector within weeks and were much better off for doing so.

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There is no recognition of those workers who failed to be re-employed, who lost skilled employment and long-standing work-based identities, or who ended up swapping full-time jobs in manufacturing for ones in the service sector where work was uncertain and casualised. He argues that Australia needed a different identity, one that was efficient, competitive, open, cosmopolitan and signalling its desire to be better integrated into the Asian region.

This was also a postcolonial identity — one based on becoming a republic and reconciling with its indigenous people; and an identity that recognised Kokoda rather than the imperial war of Gallipoli. It was a brave vision and one that, as Keating admits, burned political capital. Keating finishes the interviews with a call to engage with Asia. The Keating interviews were absolutely riveting television for political junkies.

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However, there was not much new in them. Similarly, his call to engage with Asia was made many times while prime minister and in a book that he wrote after leaving office. The jousting with Bob Hawke over their respective contributions to reforming the Australian economy is an old one. Nor is there any sustained reconsideration of the downsides as well as the benefits of his agenda.

To put it delicately, Keating is not a self-reflective man.

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There are issues that could have been addressed in more depth. After all, the more social democratic governments rely on market-based mechanisms, the more they undermine one of their traditional rationales: ameliorating the inequities of market capitalism. Similarly, as both he and subsequent Labor prime ministers found, the more Labor justifies fiscal conservatism, the harder it then becomes to justify budget deficits in times of global capitalist downturn. Keating was well ahead of his time amongst Western leaders in recognising that the economics and geopolitics of the world would shift to the Asian region.

While he was absolutely correct to identify the potential benefits of that shift for Australia, he has always underestimated the potential challenges.

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From these small beginnings opens the big story of the nation's oldest political institution, the federal caucus of the Australian Labor party. One hundred years later, the Caucus remains the heart of the Party and the place where federal Labor is made and remade. Here is a story of resilience, great.

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It shows how Caucus has dealt with events that have shaped the nation, and issues that have challenged the very principles on which ALP was founded. It brings to life the remarkable story of Caucus since that initial resolve in May , a story that continues into ALP's second century. Eureka Australiana Books.

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