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London: Pan. Series: British Battles Series. Amazon Phoenix. Series: Great battles. Horward, Donald D. Series: Napoleonic Library. Hurt, Philip A The guards' cemeteries, St. Etienne, Bayonne, with a concise narrative of the campaign in S. France, previous to and including the sortie from Bayonne, April 14th, Editions London: Bernrose. Jones, Brevet Lieut-Col. John T Journals of the sieges undertaken by the allies in Spain : in the years and , with notes "It is therefore an inquiry of considerable interest to ascertain why such a skilful general with the bravest troops in the world, with excellent artillery and with Engineers whose conduct has always met with his approbation, should not have carried on his sieges with the same certainty of success, and the same inconsiderable loss as is usual with the ordinary generals of the French army.

Research T. Heathcote Editions NY: Hippocrene. For private circulation.

First edition, only 90 copies printed.. Staplehurst: Spellmount. Series: Spellmount Library of Military History. Introduction by David Chandler; biographical account by Nicholas Leadbetter. Lipscombe, Nick Wellington's Eastern Front.

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Milburne, Henry A narrative of circumstances attending the retreat of the British army under the command of the late Lieut. Sir John Moore; with a concise account of the memorable battle of Corunna Editions London: J Johnson.

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Moores, S. Lecture on the campaign of Salamanca, : with map Editions Portsmouth: W. Tonbridge, Kent: Spellmount. Oman, C. Wellington's Army Some miscellaneous essays that did not fit in his large history. Paine, Robert Treat A monody on the death of Lieut. General Sir John Moore, with notes, historical and political [ Richards, D.

Robertson, Ian Wellington Invades France.


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Robinson, C. The scene became famous and was immortalised in many paintings of the battle. Battle Instructions written by the Duke of Wellington. You can download and use the high resolution image for use in a non-profit environment such as a school or college, but please take note of the license type and rights holder information below. This object is in the collection of Apsley House — English Heritage.

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Sword carried by Duke of Wellington at the Battle of Waterloo. Photography Relic Imaging Ltd. A brief introduction explains promotion and purchase, nearly pages cover 41 generals. Gordon Corrigan writes a brief foreword. This book covers the lives of forty one of the best known divisional commanders, principal staff officers and heads of supporting arms and services in Wellington's Anglo-Portuguese army.

Wellington's Peninsular War Generals are widely regarded as being better subordinates than independent commanders, a perception that owes much to Wellington himself.

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While many of them suffered from comparison with the great man himself, this book shows that while some of his generals failed when trusted with independent commands, others did better and deserves more credit than they are often given. All these men had an important role to play in the Allied campaign in the Peninsular theater, and the author has provided us with a concise account of their contribution to Wellington's success.

Wellington's Peninsular War Generals and Their Battles is an informative and entertaining read, and will be of interest to students of the British Army in the Napoleonic Wars.

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This is an informative and entertaining read, and will be of interest to students of the British Army in the Napoleonic Wars. Despite his own less than complementary comments on their abilities, the Duke of Wellington actually was supported by a very capable band of generals during his long campaigns in Spain and Portugal. This volume presents biographies of forty-one of those subordinates, including divisional commanders, staff officers and two members of the support staff. This book is designed to be used as a reference work, to be dipped in at need, rather than as a text to be read from end-to-end.

As a result the biographies are largely independent of each other, with a certain amount of unavoidable repetition. Having said that, one of the key impressions one gets from this book is that Wellington's generals often had very varied careers, serving in far flung theatres of war, from the West Indies to India.

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This is best illustrated by the thirty-five articles on those battles and campaigns that involved at least five of the men covered. This section starts with the early campaigns in the Low Countries in , but then expands out to include campaigns in Egypt, South America, Denmark and the Baltic as well as the more familiar battles of the Peninsular War.

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This is a useful reference work, bringing together an interesting selection of biographies that allow the reader to gain a better understanding of the types of men who served under Wellington and their wide range of experiences. He has written numerous books including the two biographical dictionaries above both under the Pen and Sword imprint.

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